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The Cost of the "old way of working"

That disconnect between the project program/client requirements and the design team's production model is costing firms in a range of ways 

  • Days spent managing countless spreadsheets listing requirements 
  • Days validating that the project requirements are being met 
  • Hours managing and issuing updated requirement schedules 
  • Hours managing scope creep
  • Burning through thousands of dollars in fees on repetitive and time consuming tasks 
  • Developing in-house tools to try to bridge the disconnect

  • Not knowing if the requirements are being met 
  • Uncertainty of consultant's progress 

  • Being constrained by mundane tasks means less freedom to explore new ideas, technologies or interests

dRofus saves the Architect time and money

  • Ensure owner requirements are being met
  • Automate repetitive and time consuming tasks
  • Efficiently setup processes that your teams can rely on
  • Streamline the production of deliverables



As an Architect with dRofus you can

  • Focus on high-value design decisions rather than mundane tasks
  • Streamline the programming process to leverage your teams knowledge
  • Track project status and data progression with ease
  • Real-time data vizualisation and reports


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dRofus takes on the mundane tasks, 
allowing you to focus on the high-value tasks of design …

  • Significantly reduce the programming effort
  • Accumulate and organize all project requirements/knowledge in a central
    location that is accessible to the entire project team, from client to operator​
  • Cut your validation process from days to hours 
  • Generate standard outputs such as FF&E, Room Data Sheets,
    Furniture Specifications and unlimited custom reports in minutes

Create a seamless BIM Workflow

dRofus makes it possible to integrate with your favorite AEC/O software. Our openBIM platform lets you connect your preferred tools for a customized workflow that works for your team. Whether it be our open API, IFC or a host of industry leading softwares, we have the integration for you.

Don't take our word for it …

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Optimize your processes and spend more time on design

Architects work smarter with dRofus.