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How are your data requirements delivered by your design teams? How do you apply design standards across your portfolio?

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dRofus saves the Building Owner time and money

  • Stop starting each project from scratch 
  • Rapid creation of project budgets
  • Ensure you get the building you want
  • Have the responsible person, enter data in the right place at the right time
  • Connecting models, data and documents



As a Building Owner
with dRofus you can

  • Ensure the design meets your requirements
  • Stay connected and see real-time status reports
  • Receive dynamically connected models, data and documents upon building handover
  • Manage building lifecycle information in one place


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Trusted by Building Owners

Kristian Brandseth
Kristian BrandsethHealthcare Bergen, Main Project Leader
We have one master database for all disciplines that synchronize with the models. It's always up to date and always available to the team.
frode mohus
Frode MohusDomain Coordinator – Chief Engineer, Statsbygg
We were searching for tools that could help us specify our client requirements in building construction projects as a MODEL that could be shared, and by using OPEN exchange standards between ourselves, the design team, the constructors, and the FM managers.  The combination of IFC support and the dRofus functionality made it quite clear that dRofus could provide us with a powerful tool.
Kristian Brandseth
Kristian BrandsethHealthcare Bergen, Main Project Leader
Powered BI dashboards run on top of dRofus, providing live status of the construction project and critical project management information.
Matthew Bode
Matthew BodeSystem Dir. of Planning & Design
As an architect, when there’s no information, you ask 1,000 questions. Now, as the owner, I’ll have 10 projects with 10 architects, each asking 1,000 questions, many of which are the same. I needed a way to just hand them everything.
Double exposure of success businessman using digital tablet with london building and social media diagram

dRofus takes on the mundane tasks,
allowing you to focus on high-value tasks …

  • Capture and easily maintain design standards
  • Significantly reduce the planning and budgeting effort
  • Cut your validation process from days to hours 
  • Generate standard outputs such as Equipment Lists, Room Data Sheets,
    Furniture Specifications and unlimited custom reports in minutes
  • Receive a digital twin of your building, formatted to suit your facilities
    management needs

Create a seamless BIM Workflow

dRofus makes it possible to integrate with your favorite AEC/O software. Our openBIM platform lets you connect your preferred tools for a customized workflow that works for your team. Whether it be our open API, IFC or a host of industry leading softwares, we have the integration for you.

Don't take our word for it …

businessman hand drawing blank flow chart on new modern computer as concept

Get more insight during design and construction

plus more certainty for the operations phase.

Building owners work smarter with dRofus.