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The Cost of the "old way of working"

That disconnect between the project program/client requirements and the design team's production model is costing firms in a range of ways 

  • Days spent managing countless spreadsheets listing requirements 
  • Days validating that the project requirements are being met 
  • Hours managing and issuing updated requirement schedules 
  • Hours managing scope creep
  • Burning through thousands of dollars in fees on repetitive and time consuming tasks 
  • Developing in-house tools to try to bridge the disconnect

  • Not knowing if the requirements are being met 
  • Uncertainty of consultant's progress 

  • Being constrained by mundane tasks means less freedom to explore new ideas, technologies or interests

dRofus saves the Architect time and money

  • Ensure owner requirements are being met
  • Automate repetitive and time consuming tasks
  • Efficiently setup processes that your teams can rely on
  • Streamline the production of deliverables



As an Architect with dRofus you can

  • Focus on high-value design decisions rather than mundane tasks
  • Streamline the programming process to leverage your teams knowledge
  • Track project status and data progression with ease
  • Real-time data vizualisation and reports


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Trusted by Architects

Matthew Bode
Matthew BodeSystem Dir. Of Planning & Design
dRofus allows us to do quick project planning. I can develop a program and get a snapshot in 20 minutes of what a project will cost. What used to take days now takes minutes.
Brent Martin
Brent MartinAssociate at HOK
dRofus provided the database and functional structure to make the models very robust and created a single codebase that could be shared across both projects. Considering the projects’ large size and complexity, dRofus allows project teams to be optimized. Team members are able to focus on the important rather than the tedious.
David Collins
David CollinsAssociate and Project Architect, STH
dRofus was an excellent QA tool. Having the dRofus database linked to Revit gave us the ability to validate what should be drawn and track changes with the logs.

dRofus takes on the mundane tasks, 
allowing you to focus on the high-value tasks of design …

  • Significantly reduce the programming effort
  • Accumulate and organize all project requirements/knowledge in a central
    location that is accessible to the entire project team, from client to operator​
  • Cut your validation process from days to hours 
  • Generate standard outputs such as FF&E, Room Data Sheets,
    Furniture Specifications and unlimited custom reports in minutes

Create a seamless BIM Workflow

dRofus makes it possible to integrate with your favorite AEC/O software. Our openBIM platform lets you connect your preferred tools for a customized workflow that works for your team. Whether it be our open API, IFC or a host of industry leading softwares, we have the integration for you.

Don't take our word for it …

Woman engineer working on blueprint in office with colleagues on background-2

Optimize your processes and spend more time on design

Architects work smarter with dRofus.