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You know how to deliver the building, drawings and documents - but what about the data?

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dRofus saves the Contractors time and money

  • Ability to reuse and repurpose data outside the BIM
  • Easily monitor the progress of project information
  • Streamline the creation and collection of "As Built" Information
  • Get your teams out of excel and into a database



As a Contractor
with dRofus you can

  • Utilise dRofus WEB for on-site mobility and validation
  • Reduce RFI's by having greater data accessibility with an audit trail
  • Link building data in a unified data layer connected to the models​
  • Real-time data visualisation and reports


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Trusted by Contractors

fredrik tegnander
Frederik TegnanderElectrical Engineer & BIM Coordinator, COWI
dRofus was an crucial part of having a digital twin with all the functionality and data we were required to have. The most important part of dRofus for this project is the cross-discipline, coordination of both data and also being able to work in the same environment for all parties, both contractors and consultants, so we can collaborate and have the same data updates. And also have the responsibilities for different data on elements in, say, the consultant models. Previously, this was not possible for contractors to be part of having data into the consultant model.
Øystein Nilsen
Øystein NielsenSenior Project Manager, Building Management Systems, Schneider Electric
It's crucial for a project to actually have just one origin of data, meaning the master data set that is absolutely crucial to the discussion of which data set is right, that that is not something we don't discuss. And now we discussing how can we use it in collaboration. That is basically a game changer.
marta gjerdåker
Marta GjerdåkerHVAC Engineer, COWI
It's a big advantage to have all the documentations in one place, you never have to wonder where to find it and we find the object we're looking for. Click on it and get straight into dRofus and you can find all the documentation needed there.
Jason GrahamWalsh’s Virtual Construction and Project Manager
It was so successful I hope the government will require the use of dRofus, since it made the coordination and information exchange involved with a P3 project so easy.

dRofus takes on the mundane tasks, allowing
you to focus on the high-value tasks …

  • Cross-discipline data aggregation and collaboration through 
    automated model data capture
  • De-risk projects through greater data accessibility: reduce RFI’s
  • “Light touch” production of validated FM handover data
    and documentation



Create a seamless BIM Workflow

dRofus makes it possible to integrate with your favorite AEC/O software. Our openBIM platform lets you connect your preferred tools for a customized workflow that works for your team. Whether it be our open API, IFC or a host of industry leading softwares, we have the integration for you.

Don't take our word for it …

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Take your Digital Delivery to the next level

Contractors work smarter with dRofus.