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Our Vision

We will enable Building Industry stakeholders to manage building data as an unbroken chain of connected information throughout the entire building lifecycle.

Building Lifecycle Intelligence™ is...

...the first industry-wide data-driven approach that grants all building stakeholders live access to reliable and accurate data, allowing knowledge-based decisions for building projects and operation.

Customer Challenges

Building Owners, Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Facility managers are all facing similar challenges with Model-Driven BIM processes:

  • When handing over models from one project stage to the next, data loss occurs.
  • Creating and managing information inside models is time consuming and unintuitive
  • Stakeholders struggle to aggregate and collaborate around data, across all phases
  • Lack of historical data (no “Golden Thread”)
  • High risk of failure due to manual processes and time constraints


  • With our Data-Driven approach all stakeholders can efficiently create and manage data, without having to use a design tool, they can enrich the model and easily maintain the data during the project and operational stages
  • Seamless cross-discipline data aggregation and collaboration for the full building lifecycle

For example, the metadata attached to objects is maintained and updated all the way through the planning, design, construction and operational phases. This is a world first.


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  • Key Terms / Messaging

Building Lifecycle IntelligenceTM

Key Nemetschek Group term for information management (BLI) solutions

Data-Driven approach

Key approach & Key differentiator | Eliminates need for re-design, enables smooth processes without data loss, open to 3rd party software

Perpetual Data Loop

Connecting project and operational phases in a circular and repeating data loop, learning from the building performance, creates Building Lifecycle IntelligenceTM as a basis for optimized operations and future projects