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sunshine coast hospital

Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital

HDR | Rice Daubney
Project Type
Healthcare Facility
$1.8 billion / 165 000m2
Start Date
August 2012
Kawana, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

When the Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital (SCPUH) opens in late 2016 it revolutionise healthcare on the Coast and offered a range of new and expanded free public hospital services.

SCPUH will be supported by highly trained and specialised staff, who will safely care for patients with complex or life-threatening conditions. The hospital will open with about 450 beds in 2016, with ability to grow to over 738 beds.

Upon being awarded the project, based on an intensive PPP bid process, HDR | Rice Daubney were looking for a new system to manage the project’s FF+E.

Being a PPP project, SCPUH required the ability to scrupulously track changes and manage documentation across multiple disciplines. Our criteria for selecting a system were:

  • Align briefed and designed outcomes
  • Change tracking capability
  • Ability to assign different user rights
  • Accessible remotely
  • Intuitive to use
  • Integration with the BIM model
  • Easy to use and customisable reporting functions
  • Save time on co-ordination

We found dRofus to be the only system on the market which met these needs.

dRofus has been an essential tool on this project. Our expectations were to be able to decrease the time spent on tasks like writing Room Data Sheets, setting up FF&E, joinery or finishes schedules and to ensure that the brief information was aligned with the BIM model.

As a client-server database, dRofus allowed everyone (client, contractor, consultants, engineers, architects, etc totalling 200 users for the project) to simultaneously populate the database.  This has eliminated the need to exchange and incorporate data from complex spreadsheet files thus practically eliminating human error.

At any time during the project, we were able to compare the briefed information against that designed in the model in just a few minutes, not hours as we had experienced with other systems.




Queens Wharf
asset management
spec prod
«dRofus has been a game-changer for HDR | Rice Daubney, we could not have delivered such a large scale project in this timeframe without  it. dRofus has allowed us to streamline integration between our Architectural Model, equipment specifications, room data sheets and procurement, helping drive client satisfaction and minimising errors.»


Alessandro FilippiDirector, HDR / Rice Daubney