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How will data from all stakeholders be consolidated and coordinated on your project? 

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dRofus saves the BIM managers time and money

  • Collaboration is streamlined and efficient
  • Automatically track changes made by the project team
  • Vizualise project status at a glance
  • So you can remain the BIM guru



As a BIM manager
with dRofus you can

  • Integrate with industry leading BIM Authoring tools such as Revit and ARCHICAD
  • Get your team up and running quickly with an Intuitive and customizable user interface
  • Control user access and set data responsibilities
  • Create 100% customized reports and data-vizualisations
  • View & share the building model data, without additional software


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Trusted by BIM managers


dRofus takes on the mundane tasks, allowing
you to focus on the high-value tasks …

  • Integrate with industry leading BIM Authoring tools such as Revit
    and ARCHICAD. dRofus has strong ArchiCAD, Revit and IFC integration 
    with bi-directional data sync capabilities.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders in a single centralized database.
    dRofus provides all stakeholders with extensive workflow support and
    access to building information throughout the building lifecycle.

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Learn More

Create a seamless BIM Workflow

dRofus makes it possible to integrate with your favorite AEC/O software. Our openBIM platform lets you connect your preferred tools for a customized workflow that works for your team. Whether it be our open API, IFC or a host of industry leading softwares, we have the integration for you.

Don't take our word for it …

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You've already got the models under control,

we've got your back when it comes to data.

BIM Managers work smarter with dRofus.