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walsh construction

Walsh Construction

Walsh Construction
User Type
General Contractor
Project Type
Public Private Partnerships (P3)

dRofus makes p3 easy and connects the dots for Walsh

Walsh is the general contractor for several Public Private Partnerships, also known as P3, which involve a coordinated effort between the government and private industry to construct large scale projects like hospitals. As the general contractor, Walsh is responsible for “connecting the dots” and pulling everything & everyone together to create the final structure. Walsh used dRofus to establish a common data environment that spanned across all phases of the project – bidding, planning, building, tendering and closing out.

dRofus enhanced efficiency and accuracy project-wide by automating manual tasks and gaining access to information immediately. dRofus functioned as the “central nervous system” to keep the project on track and the team in sync. dRofus allowed non-technical team members without Revit knowledge to access information, check the room contents and create reports. At project close out, Walsh will transform dRofus data into a punchlist that the project team will use to track outstanding items from the Room Data Sheets. dRofus is a one stop shop that enables Walsh projects to become more organized and helps to tie up loose ends.

It was so successful I hope the government will require the use of dRofus, since it made the coordination and information exchange involved with a P3 project so easy.

Jason Graham, Walsh’s Virtual Construction and Project Manager




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